30 Days of Dead 2010

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November 1, 2010  New Speedway Boogie Venue: Fillmore East Date: 09/20/1970  
November 2, 2010  Dark Star Venue: Fillmore West Date: 06/05/1969
November 3, 2010  Althea Venue: Hartford CivicDate: 03/14/1981
November 4, 2010  Playing in the Band  Venue: Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IADate: 05/13/1973
November 5, 2010  Easy Wind A
Venue: Springer's Inn, Portland, OR Date: 01/16/1970
November 5, 2010 Easy Wind B Venue: (I've lost the date and venue - anyone?) Date: ?
November 6, 2010 Sugaree Venue: Warfield Date: 10/13/1980
November 7, 2010 He's Gone A  Venue: Hartford Civic, Hartford, CT Date: 03/26/1987
November 7, 2010 He's Gone B Venue: (I've lost the date and venue; anyone?)Date: ?
November 8, 2010 Estimated Prophet Venue: WarfieldDate: 10/07/1980
November 9, 2010 China Cat > Rider Venue: The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA Date: 02/01/1970
November 10, 2010 Cream Puff War Venue: Winterland Date: 03/18/1967
November 11, 2010 St. Stephen Venue: Hartford Civic, Hartford CTDate: 10/15/1983
November 12, 2010 The Music Never Stopped Venue: Horton Field House, IL State Univ. Date: 04/24/1978
November 13, 2010 Truckin' Venue: Winterlnad Date: 06/30/1971
November 14, 2010 New Minglewood Blues Venue: Legion Stadium, El Monte, CA Date: 12/26/1970
November 15, 2010 Lost Sailor > St. of Circumstance Venue: Radio City Music Hall, NY  Date: 10/25/1980
November 16, 2010 New Potato Caboose Venue: O'Keefe, Toronto, ON Date: 08/04/1967
November 17, 2010 Cold Rain and Snow Venue: Legion Stadium, El Monte, CA Date: 12/28/1970
November 18, 2010 So Many Roads Venue: Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY Date: 03/28/1993
November 19, 2010 Sugar Magnolia Venue: Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY Date: 03/24/1971
November 20, 2010 Alligator Venue: O'Keefe Toronto, ON  Date: 08/05/1967
November 21, 2010 Cassidy > Don't Ease Me In Venue: Silva Hall, Eugene, OR  Date: 08/31/1983
November 22, 2010 Tennessee Jed > Let It Grow Venue: Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC Date: 10/23/1989
November 23, 2010 Dupree's Diamond Blues Venuee: Avalon Ballroom, SF, CA  Date: 01/25/1969
November 24, 2010 Help > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower Venu: Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA Date: 05/05/1991
November 25, 2010 My Brother Esau Venue: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA  Date: 04/14/1984
November 26, 2010 Shakedown Street Venue: Spectrum, Philly, PA  Date: 04/06/1982
November 28, 2010 Mason's Children Venue: Golden Hall, San Diego, CA Date: 01/10/1970
November 29, 2010 Let It Grow Venue: Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, NY Date: 07/16/1990
November 30, 2010 Uncle John's Band Venue: Fillmore East Date: 02/11/1970
November 31, 2010 Sugar Magnolia (Soundboard) Venue: Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY Date: 03/24/1971
November 31, 2010 Scarlet Fire - a bonus from Dead Roots - Merry Christmas! Venue: Don't remember - if you know, remind me! Date: Sorry

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Complete Download of all files

Here is a zip with the complete list of files, proper tags and some artwork.





Made a mistake...

To whoever (silsurf?) posted the zip file of all the downloads:  I meant to only delete the post with the link that didn't work - unfortunately the delete function worked to delete the entire thread of your posts - sorry about that.  Please feel free to re-post your link.

Kent D. 


Thanks for the Scarlet>Fire, nice little treat to end the month.

The Whole Magilla?

First off, thanks so much for doing this. I fould I was never able to get the tracks from GD when I wanted to.


Someone mentioned putting together the whole lot as DL, is that a possibility? If not perhaps I will put them all together and I dont mind hosting them somewhere if you want to post a link to all the goodies?




The Whole Magilla?

I had been planning on making them all available for download here, but then the folks at Dead.net came out and said that the last day they would be hosting the songs would be Dec. 8.  I'm just not sure of the legalities involved in continuing to host them after the 8th.  I'm more or less under the impression that since the songs were given away, hosting them shouldn't be a problem, but alas, I'm just not certain.  Anyone with information on this, chime on in.

Kent Duryee


Hey, I apologize if this is not the place to ask. The 30 Days Of Dead version of Althea was great but I was wondering if anybody has the Althea from 3-28-81 Essen, Germany (Rockpalast) Its by far my favorite version but I can't seem to find a mp3 of it anywhere. I would love to put it on my ipod. I would GREATLY appreciate any help. Thank You!!

the last one hoped for -- thanks

scarlet fire was a "dessert-encore" for this thanksgiving meal of daily downloads. 

my brother and i hoped for a scarlet / fire & a dew (but understand the songwriter ownership thing).  this offering puts a final big-ass smile on my face.

thanks to all involved.

 best regards,


thanx thanx thanx

Man you are a rock star among men > at the risk of being redundant thanks so jerry jerry much for posting these links & the Dec extra is splendelicious! Have a fabulous CHRISTMAS!

estimated prophet?

my download of estimated prophet is cut at 12:17, only 28.1mb instead of 28.8. this is the same here as on http://www.dead.net/30days/archive.  any idea why?

31st day

To whomever is doing this:


I was jonesin' for more, went to dead.net and found none.  I was hopin' & wishin' for more than my own stash, and was listening to 'Here Comes Sunshine' from Dick's 1 posted on Facebook, eventhough I own it.  I had posted a link to this site - hope you don't mind - and was just looking through the 30 (32) offerings and almost missed it.

Alas, WTF?  Woohoo.  I don't know how to do this with any offerings I may have, but I was not a taper and don't have nearly enough to say I could offer something you all might not have anyway.  If some one is looking for suggestions, one of my all-time favorite sequences, that I witnessed, was Scarlet > Eyes @ Frost '85.  I know this could cause some problems with many of those who complained dead.net gave us two versions of LIG and Sugar Mag, but hey now, it's about the music.

Peace out and have a healthy, happy whatever holiday you celebrate, whenever you celebrate it :-)))


Mega Thanks

Kent - thank you, thank you, thank you!  As others have said, a variety of issues kept me from grabbing each DL each day from deadnet.  And a bonus track???  You are to be commended for your time and efforts.  Many thanks!



Downloading last song

FOR gr8flscott,

If on a macintosh, hold down the "control" key while pressing the mouse button down. This should bring up a menu on the screen with options to save (download, copy, or similar language.)

On a Windows unit, pressing the right mouse button should have a similar result.

If all else fails, see the instructions at the top of the web page.

good luck

Many Thanks

A brilliant month of GD inspiration thanks to "30 Days" + Scarlet>Fire and seeing Furthur.  We need to do this more often.  Ideas?  Many thanks for the inspiration.

Scarlet > Fire

First of all,  thank you very much for the bonus!  However, I can't seem to download it...I can only play it.  Is it available for DL?


I just now finished downloading all the songs. You have made my wishes come true! I was so frustrated at myself that I couldn't get the songs downloaded each day, I think I was only able to get 3 or 4 in the whole month, and I was hoping someone with the patience and time and organizational skills that I lack would download them all and share them. You so so so rock. And thanks for the bonus gift. :) I am a happy happy deadhead.

Thank you!

Came here to grab the 2 files that did not download properly during the 30 Days, and am surprised and so Grateful to find the Scarlet Fire download.  Thanks So Much, for the additional download and for the 30 Days links and info. ! 

Thank You

Thanks for the bonus track..........Whichever way your pleasure tends, if you plant ice you'll harvest wind.................

another grateful head thanking you for the downloads

very appreciative for this & the bonus scarlet>fire. this is by no means a complaint, but,

i would've loved to see morning dew or even a comes a time land on this list somewhere.

thanks again & keep on shinning

Me too...

...and just to disclaim what might not need disclaiming, DeadRoots has no affiliation with Dead.net.  I've just been "mirroring" the links here to help those who missed the downloads for a few days or who were having problems downloading due to server issues and such.  

Now it's off to the CD burner to get all the November downloads onto stocking stuffer disks!

Kent Duryee

sugar mag

cabodog4 . . . you got that.  Almost 500 songs and we get this two times.

Sugar Mag

No Stella. No Scarlet/Fire. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the free downloads. But, come on man!!!!!

Sugar Mag.............

Sugar Mag twice?    Come on guys.

love love love it!!

woooohoooo!!!  I am Grateful!!!!!!!!

Sugar Mag !

And the Second Set ends with Sugar Magnolia.... how about an Encore!!!


Are we never satisfied? .... :-)

Seriously, though

Thank you for your kind help in making these downloads easily accessible.  I have been really good at getting them as they come up except for one day when I was out of town, but I didn't stress because I knew you had our backs.  You should get the Deadhead of the Month parking space for sure.  (huh-huh, he said "space," huh-huh.)

I don't recognize that song

Maybe DeadBase will have an entry for "It's Been Fun" but I'm not aware of the tune.  Could it have been the B-side to Saaaaambaaa in the Raaaaainnnnn?

One More to go...

Any guesses for Nov 30th ?

I am going out on a limb (not really) to guess Eyes of the World... 74 from anywhere please!


Do you think they'll do this again?  Hope so... it was nice, very nice of them to put this together...

As always,


30 wonders hath November

I can only echo the words of sloperusa - thank you for these wonders.


Over in England (a.k.a. I Shall Be Free #10land) we're currently swamped politically by right wing bizarros (though none of ours have their own reality TV series.........yet), and we're being harangued and told that hippies are superannuated slimebags who'll only reconnect with The Great Society when they take up shelf-stacking jobs in Asda (i.e. the UK Wal-Mart).  AND our weather makes Alaska seem like a libertarian's vacation paradise.  Only the Ashes* results are giving us any pleasure....


........until now.  Now I can settle down between the speakers and undulate copacetically like a ripple in still vodka.


May God bless and keep you always.


*it's a cricket reference........cricket is like baseball as played by The Dead v The Quicksilver Messenger Service ( with mesdames Slick & Joplin exhorting their respective sides to jeer along sardonically in support).........but a Test match takes place over up to five days (as I said, it's a Dead/QMS playoff - HEAVEN!)

Gentlness and Kinditude

Thank you so much! http://deadroots.net/30days

Tapers Section

Anyone have a link to the old "tapers Section" downloads that were floating around. got some from my brother but saw that approx 390 are out there somewhere. Love the 30 days and jonesing for more ! love to all and Happy Thanksgiving!!

I'm loving the tunes. Thanks so much

I'm gettin' a hankerin for some scarlet begonias, tho...

Taper's Section mp3

link problem

Can you clarify this link?  I tried plugging it into my browser, downloaded torrents software, but get no results.  Can you resend the link?

Taper's Section mp3s

Hmm. Link retrieves the Torrent file - not sure what more I can do to assist. You could just go to PirateBay.org and search for the torrent (which is what I did to get it)

mmm ... me, too.  a sweet

mmm ... me, too.  a sweet scarlet begonias/fire on the mountain, perhaps?



Riding that train..

Thanks for helping out, thanks for helping out!

It comes at a time when help is what we need

And thanks to you, help is what we will get

If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know

For the help you give today is the help you will get tomorrow

A Very Big... Thanks Man!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to post these links for us.

In this day when everyone is out to make a buck, getting some free tunes (quality tunes that is) is a great thing!


Keep the good vibes flowing!

Another opinion

Started listening to the Dead in 1970, saw my share of shows - more than 50, there were plenty of great shows and others that weren't as memorable; but it always worked.  There were different "styles", "sounds"; band member changes, good health and bad health...whatever....its great to have more flavors of songs we all love; and I look forward to "tomorrow" to see what the next download will be...so enjoy, and not even think what "roots" mean, because its the music and not the name for these daily gifts

big thank you

Thanks so much, Kent, for making these available.  I didn't hear about the 30 days until a few days ago, so I would've missed out on all the earlier songs.  Downloading has been flawless.

It's not just me...is it?

This can't be considered Dead Roots.... The Brent years are just not as distinguishing Dead years as pre-80's ...I'm sorry, I'm not a hater... ALLL of the shows I saw were from 3/10/81 on... and I loved every one of them, but PLEASE don't tell me this is Dead Roots material..... we can do better than this...Don't ease, dont ease....

Love you all, love the dead forever, just, C'mon... be real now... this is NOT Dead Roots material.

Looking forward to tomorrow...  Perhaps a 73 Eyes ?  or a 67 Viola Lee Blues? or a 71 Big Boss Man? How about a 74 Loose Lucy ?  Even a You Aint Woman Enough from 72 Munich Germany :-)  Them is some roots ~~~~~~ 


It's not just you...

Technically, none of the Grateful Dead songs can be considered "Roots of the Grateful Dead", you are correct sir or madam.  However, when a cool thing like 30 free songs from the Dead comes along, I'm not above tweaking the purpose of the site just a little.  And anyway, no one's offering 30 free jug band tunes or Rev. Gary Davis or Gus Cannon or...you see the point, I'm sure.   I'll keep mirroring the links here until I'm told to take them down by the Rhinos that be.  Until then, this site is sort of like the "Roots and the Trunk and the Branches of the Grateful Dead". :-)

Happy downloading and a grateful Thanksgiving to all,

Kent Duryee


Thank you for posting all of these songs to a site that is providing a RELIABLE download link!  Unfortunately the little monkees over at Dead.Net are still having problems driving the locomotive for  us!  Thanks again!

Gratitude from an ol Wharf Rat

Thanks so much for your efforts and for bringing back some of the best memories of my life-18 years a wharf rat-miss dem yellow balloons!





alligator ???

02-15-68 Carousel Ballroom ???

Many Thanks

Great stuff

Not far to go

When I was just a little young boy, Papa said, "Son you'll never get far."  Turns out I only needed to go to Roots of the Dead. Thanks for putting up the tunes.

just another Deadhead saying THANK YOU

Very Kind

Thanks for being the

Thanks for being the searchlight casting! Cheers


I also want to express my thanks; it can be difficult to log into Dead.net daily and I don't want to miss any of the downloads.  Thanks for your time and for making it easier for a lot of us! 

Best wishes to all for a Wonderful, Happy and Healthy Holiday Season