30 Days of Dead

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I may not have the world to give to you
but maybe I have a tune or two...

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For the first seven years of the 30 Days, I was happy and privileged to host this archive, but in 2017 I encountered hosting server bandwidth limits. Bummer. With your help, obstacles were hurdled and the entire archive of 30 Days downloads was transferred to a cloud server. It's an extra expense to house the files separately, but it's great to have the archives here for downloading and bandwidth issues are now a thing of the past.

One hundred percent of your donations go toward housing the files and paying for the hosting service. THANK YOU for any miracle you can provide! (I'm sorry I'm not a non-profit so I can't offer a tax deduction for you, but tons of heads will love you for it. :-)

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30 Days, 2019 - (? MB)

30 Days, 2018 - (830 MB)

30days2018.zip - Album art, dates/venues, & CSV included

30 Days, 2017 - (838 MB)

30days2017.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2016 - (878 MB)

30days2016.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2015 - (626 MB)

30days2015.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2014 - (651 MB)

30days2014.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2013 - (427 MB)

30days2013.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2012 - (743 MB)

30days2012.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2011 - (743 MB)


Album Art 2011


30 Days, 2010 - (725.2MB):