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Just some numbers that I crunched here on November 30, 2018

Vistors: On November 1st, 2018 this page had 2635 views. As of November 30th  at 10:00am CDT there are 8572 views recorded. That's 5937 visits this month!

Downloads: Since putting the archive up on MediaFire in November, 2017, there have been a total of 5016 downloads. (This number only gets updated once per month, so I'm guessing that there will be many more than that when this month's total gets rolled in.) That's a lot of GREAT music going around.

For the last seven years I freely hosted the archive of 30 Days tunes. Last year, 2017, was the first year I encountered hosting server bandwidth limits for downloading 30 Days files. With your help, we overcame some obstacles, and the entire archive of 30 Days downloads from 2010 through 2017 was transfered to MediaFire cloud servers. It's another ongoing expense to house the files separately, but it's so worth it to know the archives are there for downloading, 365 days a year, not just in November. If you appreciate the archived 30 Days of Dead downloads, please consider making a donation. Thank you for your help.

One hundred percent of your donations go toward housing the files and paying for the hosting service. THANK YOU for any miracle you can provide! (I'm sorry I'm not a non-profit so I can't offer a tax deduction for you, but tons of heads will love you for it. :-)

2018 Tunes & Venues:


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Grab 2018's cover art while you're here - click on the small image to the left and save the big one that pops up. (The image offered this year was a little small and not really great quality so I upped the dpi and size a little bit. Now instead of 75 it's 300 pixels per inch, and instead of 750px square it's 1500.)


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Day 1 China Cat>Rider Pittsburgh, PA, Pittsburgh Civic Arena 1973-09-24
Day 2 Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower
Niagra Falls, NY, Niagra Falls Convention Center
Day 3 Uncle John's Band>I Need a Miracle Oakland, CA, Coliseum Arena 1988-12-28
Day 4 Truckin' New York, NY, Felt Forum - Madison Square Garden 1971-12-04
Day 5 Doin' That Rag Chicago, IL, Kinetic Playground 1969-04-25
Day 6 Black Throated Wind>Deal Mountain View, CA, Shoreline Amphitheatre 1991-05-12
Day 7 I Know You Rider Alfred, NY, Alfred College 1970-05-01
Day 8 Shakedown Street New York, NY, Madison Square Garden 1994-10-15
Day 9 Liberty Albany, NY, Knickerbocker Arena 1993-03-29
Day 10 Black Throated Wind San Francisco, CA, Winterland Arena 1974-02-22
Day 11 Lazy Lightning>Supplication Columbus, OH, Mershon Auditorium - OSU 1976-09-3
Day 12 Samson and Delilah Pittsburgh, PA, Pittsburgh Civic Arena 1978-04-18
Day 13 Estimated Prophet>Eyes of the World Philadelphia, PA, The Spectrum 1980-08-30
Day 14 Reuben and Cherise Landover, MD, Capital Centre 1991-03-17
Day 15 Throwing Stones>Playin' In The Band reprise Albany, NY, Knickerbocker Arena 1991-03-25
Day 16 That's It For The Other One>Cosmic Charlie Santa Barbara, CA, "Unknown Venue" (Maybe Robertson Gym, UCSB) 1969-01-17
Day 17 Bertha>Greatest Story Ever Told San Francisco, CA, San Francisco Civic Auditorium 1983-12-30
Day 18 Brown Eyed Women New Haven, CT, New Haven Coliseum 1979-10-25
Day 19 Deal, Playing In The Band, Loser Columbus, OH, Ohio Theatre 1971-10-31
Day 20 Feel Like A Stranger>Ship Of Fools Providence, RI, Providence Civic Center 1986-03-31
Day 21 Cassidy>It Must've BeenThe Roses Morrison, CO, Red Rocks Amphitheatre 1984-06-14
Day 22 Cumberland Blues, Dire Wolf San Francisco, CA, Winterland Arena 1970-12-31
Day 23 Casey Jones Memphis, TN, The Pyramid 1995-04-01
Day 24 Easy Answers Noblesville, IN, Deer Creek Music Center 1993-06-23
Day 25 China Cat Sunflower>Doin' That Rag San Francisco, CA, Family Dog at the Great Highway 1969-08-30
Day 26 Bertha, Mexicali Blues, Scarlet Begonias Philadelphia, PA, Civic Convention Hall Auditorium 1974-08-04
Day 27 Bird Song Hartford, CT, Civic Center 1984-10-15
Day 28 Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountain Chicago, IL, Uptown Theatre 1979-12-03
Day 29 He's Gone Springfield, MA, Springfield Civic Center Arena 1972-10-02
Day 30 Playing In The Band>Crazy Fingers>Uncle John's Band Oakland, CA, Oakland Coliseum Arena 1989-12-27
ALL 30 30 Days of Dead 2018    
30 Days 2017


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30 Days 2017 Cover Art

Grab 2017's cover art while you're here - click on the small image and save the big one that pops up.
Day 1 Uncle John's Band Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD 05-26-1977
Day 2 Easy Wind Family Dog at the Great Highway 08-29-1969
Day 3 Unbroken Chain Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC 03-23-1995
Day 4 Feel Like a Stranger Autzen Stadium, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 06-23-1990
Day 5 China Cat>Rider Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY 03-24-1991
Day 6 Brown-Eyed Women Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD 03-26-1973
Day 7 Saint of Circumstance Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA 09-18-1994
Day 8 Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo>Franklin's Tower Des Moines Civic Center, Des Moines, IA 12/07/1981
Day 9 My Brother Esau>Might As Well Univ. Coliseum - WVU, Morgantown, WV 04/10/1983
Day 10 Shakedown>Sampson Carrier Dome - Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 10/20/1984
Day 11 Sugaree (Dead.net  clue: All girl Asian band - the 5 6 7 8's from Kill Bill) Patrick Gymnasium - U of Vermont, Burlington, VT 05/06/1978
Day 12 The Other One>Stella Blue>The Other One>Sugar Magnolia Riverfront Arena/Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH 10/02/1976
Day 13 Lazy River Road Deer Creek Music Ctr., Noblesville, IN 06/23/1993
Day 14 Shakedown Street Internationales Congress Centrum, Berlin, Germany 10/19/1990
Day 15 Bird Song  Civic Center, Hartford, CT 03/26/1987
Day 16 Let Me Sing Your Blues Away Onondaga County War Memorial, Syracuse, NY 09/17/1973
Day 17 Seastones>Playing In The Band Palais des Sports, Paris, France 09/21/1974
Day 18 Scarlet>Fire Holleder Stadium, Rochester, NY 09/01/1979
Day 19 Candyman Kansas City Municipal Aud., K City, KA 07/07/1981
Day 20 Picasso Moon Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA 05/21/1991
Day 21 Truckin'>New Speedway Boogie Capital Center, Landover, MD 03/17/1991
Day 22 Bertha Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY 02/18/1971
Day 23 Comes A Time Felt Forum, MSG, New York, NY 01/24/1971
Day 24 Terrapin Station>Jam Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC 03/31/1989
Day 25 Here Comes Sunshine Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, DC 06/10/1973
Day 26 Help On The Way>Slipknot>Franklin's Tower>Jam Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC 10/22/1989
Day 27 So Many Roads Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ont. Canada 03/21/1992
Day 28 Here Comes Sunshine Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY 03/29/1993
Day 29 Friend of the Devil FillmoreWest, San Francisco, CA 06/07/1970
Day 30 The Music Never Stopped The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 05/13/1978
ALL 30 30 Days of Dead, 2017 Thank you all! Happy 2017 Holidays and here's to 2018!  

30 Days Archive

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30 Days, 2010 - (725.2MB):



30 Days, 2011 - (743 MB)


Album Art 2011

30 Days, 2012 - (743 MB)

30days2012.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2013 - (427 MB)

30days2013.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2014 - (651 MB)

30days2014.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2015 - (626 MB)

30days2015.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2016 - (878 MB)

30days2016.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2017 - (838 MB)

30days2017.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2018 - (830 MB)

30days2018.zip - Album art, dates/venues, & CSV included


Came here becuz I missed day 2 of this years release. What a blessing to find previous year releases. All my best to you and yours.

thanks a bunch, i too missed a couple. so glad for you. stay dead.

Thank you for the 30 Days of Dead. I really appreciate it.

Many many thanks for taking the time & patience in providing these priceless resources. So many gems with sumptious sound quality recordings & thorough archaeological excavations at every stage of what must be a vast archive. An immense privilige to still be able to listen to & enjoy these tracks.

It's a pleasure to have and to share the 30 Days tunes - happy listening!!

Thanks for all the hard work and deadication you put into making this collection! Keep on Truckin'

This is an amazing resource, thank you. I did have a question about the 2011 artwork. Why does 2011 cover art have Vol 5 on it? I thought 2011 was the 2nd year of the 30 Days. Were there earlier years prior to 2010?

I never noticed the Vol 5 thing before. Huh. I think what it may have been was that for the first two years the album art was not produced by Dead.net, but instead voluntarily by 30 Days participants. It might have been that whoever made the art made separate covers for each disc the 30 Days tunes fit on, and I happened to grab the one for the 5th disk. Or I could be wrong...lots of smoke between the ears and water under the bridge, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was.

WOW my 2011 cover says vol 1.... imagine that?

So, I was "Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad" cause, unlike the previous years, this year I am traveling for business and don't have i-net connectivity every day. (Hard to believe that's even possible in this day and age...) Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for keeping this archive going so I can download the music when I DO have i-net access.

Still no repeat years this year so far.....liking that! Grate site, thank you!

Thank you for making these available!

Right on, I missed a couple and here you are!! Thanks so much. peace and sky on!

I don't suppose anyone has compiled the hints and answers for the previous years of 30 Days?

By "answers" I meant the explanations given with the date and venue.

Hey Myshkyn, I haven't heard of anyone compiling those, but have to admit I thought about doing it a few years back. It would be quite the undertaking. It doesn't look like the folks at Dead.net keep an archive of their comments pages from previous years, so I think the answer to your question is an unfortunate "No", but someone coming through might have different information. Here's hoping, 'cause that would be great.

Thanks so much for making the effort. It's genuinely appreciated. Just got my Deadbase 50 and thought I'd get down to some housekeeping, only to discover that the digital age, counterintuitively perhaps, does not necessarily lead to magically acquired organisational skills. i.e. Lord knows where my archives for these 30 days' are now... So again, thank you for saving this scatter-brained dullard's November Treats! Peace!

This has been a great 30 days! Thank you for stopping by, and have a great holiday season and an even better 2019!

I'm glad I stumbled upon your site! I lost the first five years of downloads when my I-phone decided to quit. Now I am complete-Thanks Again!!

Glad to find an archive of the prior years. Have always been missing 2010. Now I have a complete set thanks to you.

Just going my 30 Days archive and realised I'd never downloaded the very first (2010) edition, so great to find it here!