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Hi everyone,

May apologies for the 2022 edition of 30 Days. I had a family emergency that spiraled out of control and lasted the entire month of November. Thankfully it's over and life is returning to normal. I've created this year's version and have it posted here and it's available from MediaFire at the link below. I hope everyone had a great time, and I'm looking forward to next year!

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Days of November

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Show Date

Day 1 Welcome back! Passenger Allan Kirby Field House, Lafayette College, Easton, PA 7 May, 1979
Day 2 China Cat>Rider Madison Square Garden, New York 15 September, 1979
Day 3 Scarlet Begonias>Jack Straw Capital Centre, Landover, MD 29 July, 1974
Day 4 Dupree's Diamond Blues Community War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, NY 16 April, 1984
Day 5 Dark Star (22 min. 11 sec.) Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA 25 October, 1969
Day 6 Feel Like a Stranger>Bertha Madison Square Garden, New York 19 October, 1994
Day 7  The Other One>He';s Gone>The Other One Performing Arts Center, Milwaukee, WI 24 October, 1972
Day 8 New Speedway Boogie Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY 12 June, 1992
Day 9 Playing In The Band>Crazy Fingers Oakland-Alameda Co. Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA 27 December, 1989
Day 10 Bird Song Davis Gym, Bucknell University, Lewiston, PA 14 April, 1971
Day 11 The Music Never Stopped Rosemont Horizon Arena, Rosemont, IL 11 March, 1993
Day 12 Althea Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA 1 December, 1979
Day 13 Hell In A Bucket>Sugaree Hartford Civic Ctr., Hartford, CT 15 October, 1984
Day 14 China Cat>Rider Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY 24 March, 1991
Day 15 Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower Boston Garden, Boston, MA 1 October, 1994
Day 16 To Lay Me Down Rosemont Horizon Arena, Rosemont, IL 6 December, 1981
Day 17 Mindbender (Confusion's Prince) Northridge Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, CA 6 February, 1966
Day 18 Cassidy>Tennessee Jed Henry J. Kaiser Convention Ctr., Oakland, CA 6 February, 1989
Day 19 Eyes of the World Indiana Convention Ctr., Indianapolis, IN 7 December, 1979
Day 20 I Need A Mircacle>Bertha>Sugar Magnolia Metro Sports Ctr., Bloomington, MD 31 May, 1980
Day 21 Looks Like Rain>He's Gone Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY 24 March, 1991
Day 22 Dire Wolf, Black Throated Wind, Candyman Curtis Hixon Convention Hall, Tampa, FL 19 December, 1973
Day 23 Lazy Lightning>Supplication Uptown Theatre, Chicago, IL 17 May, 1978
Day 24 Might As Well, Samson and Delilah Community War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, NY 27 September, 1976
Day 25 Tennessee Jed, My Brother Esau, Althea Park West Ski Area, Park City, UT 4 September, 1983
Day 26 Little Sadie, Black Peter Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA 28 February, 1970
Day 27 Brown-Eyed Women The Palladium, New York 29 April, 1977
Day 28 Feel Like a Stranger, Stagger Lee Rosemont Horizon Arena, Rosemont, IL 10 March, 1993
Day 29 Truckin'>Playing in the Band Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY 21 April, 1978
Day 30 That's It For The Other One>Black Peter Family Dog at the Great Higway, San Francisco, CA 1 March, 1970


30 Days, 2022 - (918 MB)

30days2022.zip - Album art, dates/venues

30 Days, 2021 - (913 MB)

30days2021.zip - Album art, dates/venues

30 Days, 2020 - (781 MB)

30days2020.zip - Album art, dates/venues

30 Days, 2019 - (858 MB)

30days2019.zip - Includes album art & dates/venues 
If you didn't get the Dates/Venues spreadsheet when you downloaded the Zip file, it's available here so you don't have to download the whole Zip file again.

30 Days, 2018 - (830 MB)

30days2018.zip - Album art, dates/venues, & CSV included

30 Days, 2017 - (838 MB)

30days2017.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2016 - (878 MB)

30days2016.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2015 - (626 MB)

30days2015.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2014 - (651 MB)

30days2014.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2013 - (427 MB)

30days2013.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2012 - (743 MB)

30days2012.zip - Album art included

30 Days, 2011 - (743 MB)


Album Art 2011


30 Days, 2010 - (725.2MB):