30 Days - 2012


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November 1, 2012  Sugaree (38.5 MB) Venue: Lake Acid Date: 10/17/1983  
November 2, 2012  High Time (19.2 MB) Venue: University of Alabama Coliseum, Tuscaloosa, AL Date: 05/17/1977
November 3, 2012  Uncle John's Band (14.3 MB) Venue: Alfred College, Alfred NY Date:05/01/1970
November 4, 2012  Sailor > Saint (14.7 MB) Venue: Alpine Valley Date: 07/11/1981 
November 5, 2012  Jack Straw (13.4 MB) Venue: UCSB Stadium  Date: 06/04/1978  
November 6, 2012  China Cat Rider (26 MB) Venue: Christy Mathewson Stadium, Bucknell University Lewisburg, PA Date: 04/14/1971 
November 7, 2012  Samson & Delilah (26 MB) Venue: Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT Date: 04/05/88 
November 8, 2012  Here Comes Sunshine (28 MB) Venue: UCLA Date: 11/17/73 
November 9, 2012  Scarlet > Fire (56 MB) Venue: Manor Downs, Austin, TX Date: 07/31/82 
November 10, 2012  Estimated Prophet (56 MB) Venue: Winterland Date: 03/20/77 
November 11, 2012  "Jam" (56 MB) Venue: Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY Date: 03/25/91 
November 12, 2012  Ramble On Rose (56 MB) Venue: Curtis Hixon Convention Hall, Tampa, FL Date: 12/19/73 
November 13, 2012  Shakedown Street (56 MB) Venue: Oakland Coliseum Date: 12/31/89 
November 14, 2012  Black Peter (20 MB) Venue: Fillmore East Date: 02/11/70 
November 15, 2012  The Music Never Stopped (21 MB) Venue: Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY Date: 04/21/78 
November 16, 2012  Dark Star (24 MB) Venue: Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA Date: 10/20/68 
November 17, 2012  Let It Grow > Deal (47 MB) Venue: Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL  Date:  02/28/81
November 18, 2012  The Wheel (12 MB) Venue: Palladium Theater, NYC Date: 04/29/77 
November 19, 2012  Bird Song (32 MB) Venue: Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MA Date: 10/02/72 
November 20, 2012  Playing in the Band (36 MB) Venue: Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA Date: 11/30/80 
November 21, 2012  New Minglewood Blues (11 MB) Venue:  Date:  
Heads up for Pig lovers: Watch for The Other One > Cryptical > Cosmic...he's not really featured, but it might be the closest we get.

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