Bob Dylan

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The Grateful Dead covered more songs by Bob Dylan than by any other artist.  Here are some sources to get you started on Bob Dylan and his place in history:

The table below lists all the songs written by Bob Dylan that have been performed by the Grateful Dead. The table lists the song title, the name of the Dylan album on which it first appeared and the date of the album. 

Song Album Date
Baby Blue Bringing It All Back Home 1965
Baby Tonight John Wesley Harding 1969
Chimes of Freedom Another Side of Bob Dylan 1965
Dead Man ??New Morning??  
Desolation Row Highway 61 Revisited 1965
Don't Think Twice The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan 1963
Heart Of Mine Biograph 1985
Heaven's Door Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid 1973
Highway 61 Highway 61 Revisited 1965
I Want You Blonde On Blonde 1966
Joey Desire 1976
John Brown Unreleased  
Judas Priest John Wesley Harding 1969
Maggie's Farm Bringing It All Back Home 1965
Man Of Peace Infidels 1984
Masterpiece Cahoots (The Band)
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
Memphis Blues Blonde On Blonde 1966
Mighty Quinn Self-Portrait 1970
Queen Jane Highway 61 Revisited 1965
Rainy Day Women Blonde On Blonde 1966
Serve Somebody Slow Train Coming 1979
She Belongs To Me Bringin' It All Back Home 1965
Shelter From The Storm Blood On The Tracks 1975
Simple Twist Blood On The Tracks 1975
Slow Train Slow Train Coming 1979
Tambourine Man Bringin' It All Back Home 1965
Tangled Up Blood On The Tracks 1975
Thin Man Highway 61 Revisited 1965
Times A Changin The Times They Are A-Changin' 1964
Tom Thumb Blues Highway 61 Revisited 1965
Tomorrow Is A Long Time Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 1973
Train To Cry Highway 61 Revisited 1965
Visions Of Johanna Blonde On Blonde 1966
Watching The River Flow Single
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
Watchtower John Wesley Harding 1969
Wicked Messenger John Wesley Harding 1969